Monday, October 1, 2012

Wasteland Weekend 2012

Wasteland Weekend 2012 has come to a close as of a few days ago,
I look forward to seeing how this years celebration in the wasteland
turned out...

Some pictures of the 'Atomic Cafe' were shown in this blog post : Here 
It looks like a damn fun time!

The apocalypse seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. Whether it’s a Mayan countdown, an economic meltdown, or a zombie hoedown, people are prepping for it, stressing about it, or watching movies about it. There are countless books and websites popping up telling you how to create an evacuation plan, what to pack in your bugout bag, and what type of scattergun or machete is best for defending your cache of dehydrated biscuits. But few people seem to be asking the most important question of all:  On the day after, where will you go for a drink?
 Ill post more highlights of this past years even as they come up...
in the meantime watch these vids, and tell me that doesnt look like
a damn fun time!

Here are some Videos of Last years events

Wasteland Weekend 2011

Wasteland Weekend 2010

Link :
Wasteland Weekend
Wasteland Weekend's Atomic Cafe

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