Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mad Nation #4: The Gunsmith

Here is this weeks webisode repost...
Directed by, and starring : Ethan Taranto-Kent;
Mad Nation #4: The Gunsmith

Link: - Mad Nation #4
Pernicious Paradise YouTube Channel
Ethan Taranto-Kent's HollywoodEastTV Profile
NMA Post on the Film/Series

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  1. Hey man, actually this is not the next episode after the last one you posted. It's kinda confusing, but Part 1 is the mini-feature, and then there's a handful of short episodes that follow it (the one posted above being the 3rd).

    When I initially put the mini feature on youtube, it was too long to put up in one part, so I broke it up into scenes: what would come next after the last one you posted is Mad Nation #1 part 4, which is one of the episodes I had to take off Youtube because of false copyright claims against it. But it's still on Blip.TV, here's a link.

    If I had known ahead of time that I'd be doing a web show rather than one feature film as we'd originally expected, I would have numbered things more sensibly.

    Take care!
    -Ethan TK