Monday, October 15, 2012

Top 10 Post Apoc Movies

The Top Ten Apocalyptic Movie's List....
Lets see... this couldn't be toooooo bad... could it?

Oh God.... Here we go...
Please keep in mind...
10 - Shaun of the Dead
9 - The Matrix
8 - The Road
7 - Children of Men
6 - I am Legend
5 - The Book of Eli
4 - 28 Days Later
3 - 12 Monkeys
2 - Planet of the Apes
1 - The Terminator

Wait... Zombieland, Escape from New York, The Road Warrior ALMOST MADE THE TOP TEN!?!
You mean that TERRIBLE adaptation of Richard Mathesons I am legend (BTW Robert Neville was not actually a fan of Shreck, the book is great if you get a chance to read it)
But wait.... The Road Warrior.. ALMOST? This is by far one of the most Iconic Post Apocalyptic films EVER made! And it almost made the list? First of all Max is just far more solid of a protaganist than any of those movies possess, and the setting alone is by far what we think of when we think "post apoc". I hope someone lost their job over that...
Escape fom New York was not amazing... but god damn Snake Plisken would shoot that pussy Theo Farron in the fucking face and the god awful bore ride of children of men would be over in ten seconds... Dodge that Neo.
If Planet of the Apes was NOT the remake... I would agree... Great movie, original setting, legendary... But Marky Mark's shake down of that movie did NOT leave me with Good Vibrations...
I love the Ternimator... but come on!
Where is our beloved Max on this list....
Comment on what you think about this... please...

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