Monday, October 8, 2012

History And Review of Fallout - Part 1 & 2

I watched a very great piece showing the history of
Fallout, from Wasteland, to the creation of Fallout 1 & 2,
to the failed Van Buren Project -- All the way leading to
Bethesda's Massive Fallout 3.

This is a bit of an old review/video, but I just recently
found it again, and thought it was well worth a share...
It is well donw, factual, poignant, and serves a great 
point of interest to my self, and Im sure other fans 
of the fallout name-sake.

Give the videos a watch, and use the links below 
to check out this awesome two part series!

Part 1 :

Media Consumes Me’s History and Review of the Fallout series, from it’s origins in the late 80’s to the popular Bethesda bonanza of today. This is Part 1 of 2 in a trip through the post apocalyptic wastelands. I had to suffer through a night of no sleep to complete this post, then go to work for 12 hours, eating only chocolate chip cookies, so I hope you enjoy!

Part 2 :

In Part 1, I talked about the origins of the Fallout series beginning with the inventive Wasteland by Electronic Arts.  I explored the heart of the series in Interplay’s Fallout 1 and 2, and talked a little about Fallout Tactics with it’s inclusion of real-time combat. I finished up without comment on the immature joke riddled console game Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Now I continue the journey of the franchise in Media Consumes Me’s History and Review of the Fallout Series Part 2.

Link :
Official Site - Part 1
Official Site - Part 2 - Video Part 1 - Video Part 2

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