Friday, October 12, 2012

Post Apoc Survival "Fashion"

Now as much as I love promoting the movie fashion of the post apocalyptic genre... That is simply because of an affinity I have for it, more than the fact that it is true to the nature of survival... and that is something I still want to keep relevent on this blog...

 Survival is key in the Apocalypse. Plain and simple. And I have found a great blog entry from talking about the REALITY of that situation. Having a mo-hawk is great (and I have one myself) but believe me... if the weather is hot enough when everything goes down, I don't want hair in my face, and I am sure as shit not finding gel to spike it... I am finding scissors to lop it off... And I am NOT breaking out my football shoulder pads, and gearing up to fight in Thunderdome... I am making sure I have long johns, and my Carhart for the long winters.

Quote : This style comes primarily from post apocalyptic movies, but you can be damn sure retards will dress like this if they wake up and there is no government. Its like the chance of a lifetime for the goth kids from high school to fit in.
Too bad you still won’t be fitting in junior.
 He makes a great point that acting like an anarchist, and looking like someone who once tried to bring down a soiciety, is not exactly the type of person you want in the after-math trying to rebuild it. I do agree with that one hundred percent.

Quote : If you were a walking billboard for your dislike of society and authority before the apocalypse, what the fuck am I supposed to expect from you after society has collapsed?

 Also going into detail about the people sporting far too much tacticool, paintball, airsoft, surplus gear... Yes it is great, it is cool looking even to an extent... However it makes you look like you are a threat... Could you imagine you and your beloved friends/family are at your house, and you see 4-5 of these xbox live, paintball freaks walking onto your property? I would break out the old FNC 223, and start shooting... I mean I may do that in general to anyone on my property... but I would NOT fire a warning shot at these soldier-of-fortune looking mother fuckers...

Quote : If it is just one of them I might try to have a conversation, but if they are with their air-soft buddies or Xbox live friends, my wife and I are picking them off at 500 yards just to be safe. Who knows, they could be modding or have hacks and I am not taking any chances. You could be a higher level than me, and that is unacceptable.
He later goes in to the REALITY of what people will likely be wearing after a real societal collapse... And I have to agree with him very much...
Lets just say it is more like this man than anything :

I am not saying I am going to stop posting about leather and feathers... but I think this is something a great deal of people can benefit from reading. The long and the short of the apocalypse is about Survival... We as a society cant survive by playing simulators, and spray painting lacross gear and adding spikes to it...
However in the mean time... Its a fun hobby... Just remember it wont protect you, and it wont save your life!

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