Monday, October 29, 2012

Full Movie - Damnation Alley (1977)

In 1977 the movie Damnation alley (based on a book by Roger Zelazny) came to the theatures
It was adapted poorly from the novel... The author did not care much for it...
And it was also coincidentally not well received by the public.

Plot : In an post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors travel 
and find other settlements in huge custom designed all terrain vehicles. 

Now this movie may not have much going for it...
It does have some fun action, bad special effects,
and of course the likely main inspiring factor for Rad Scorpions!
Also coincidentally it has Giant Cockroaches too... 

Watch out for those Rad Scorpions Cru Jones!!!!
(Get it... Rad Scorpions?)

Alright, enough Bullshit... Here is a great B-Movie!

Be sure to check out some more info on this fun movie below.
And Next Month I will be sure to dig up another fun Full
Post Apoc Movie for all!

Links :
YouTube Trailer
YouTube Link to Part One Vid (Should feature related, and be easy to find the rest)
Wikipedia Entry
IMDB Entry

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