Friday, October 5, 2012

Shopping for Survial Literature

During my recent shopping on amazon, I decided to buy a few new survival books...
However I honestly was curious which books to get amongst the HUGE pile of them...

And I came across a great article

Quote :

3 Types of Survival Books You Should Read and Why

There are a million and one survival books out there and they all claim to teach you how to become Jeremiah Johnson over night. It’s hard to figure out who to trust and what kind of survival books you should read. Here are 3 types of survival books you should read and why:
After reading up on these, I decided to go with a military manual, and a field guide.

Although the book SAS - Survive any Situation seemed quite good to me as well, and I think it has been added to my wishlist!

Links :
3 Types of Survival Books You should read, and why!
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