Thursday, October 4, 2012

Junk - Post Apoc Card Game!

I found a pretty cool Kickstarter for a Post Apocalyptic Card/Dice game called Junk for 2-4 Players.


Junk is a card and dice game for 2-4 players that takes 45-90 minutes to play: instead of building civilization like you might be used to in the genre, in Junk you are REbuilding using the junk from the world before. The players are leaders of a tribe that has survived an apocalypse and scavenge the wasteland for junk. These junk cards are drawn, traded, or stolen from other players to combine into pre-collapse technologies. The first tribe to restore civilization by achieving all 5 of these: the wonders of Sanitation, Preservation, Constitution, Radio, and Power Generation, wins. How will you choose to survive? By nurturing the wasteland ecology and harvesting its resources, founding a warrior culture to take what others have, restoring culture and quality of life, studying the science of what came before, or learning how it all fit together?

This game looks like a LOT of fun!
So back the kickstarter (help them reach their STRETCH goal)
I am proud to say that I am!

KickStarter for JUNK
NMA Post on JUNK

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