Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nuka Cola... Or How I quenched my wasteland thirst.

Many times I have seen people that made their own Nuka-Cola bottles...
And I thought... "Why on Earth do I not have those littered around my apartment"
So I decided to take a few hours, and do it myself...

Here is the last example that inspired me:

After doing a quick google search I found that someone had already made
sheets of these labels for print. (see below for the link)
So I went down to Kinko's printed them out, and slapped some on a couple
of empty Mexican Coke bottle... The results were pretty great!

Next time I might give making my own label a try....
And maybe try roughing the glass up a bit with some sand paper or the like.
Either way, I look forward to doing this BEFORE I drink the damn things!
And for sure work on getting my hands on some caps!

Links :
Some others examples
Empty Samurai's Sheet of labels

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